Monday, December 30, 2013

Porter's First Pow Wow

We had a Pow Wow party theme for Porter's first birthday. I told myself I wasn't going to do a lot, but it's so hard when my head is swarming with ideas. It took up a lot of my time, but was definitely worth it in the end. After all, he will never have a first birthday again.

Sweet treats table. 
I had to order the tissue paper off Etsy because I couldn't find the right colors anywhere. I was able to order it by the sheet, which was nice.
Awesome teepee cookies made by Campbell's Bakery. They were orange and green. We had donut holes on arrows. I wish I would have gotten a close up of them. I used candy apple sticks and  a few printables from Confetti Sunshine pow wow, which was precious. I just cut the arrow cake toppers out myself. My dad cut the tree trunk slices for us. Chris bought some food safe shellac to coat them in so we could put food on top. I bought a dowel from Hobby lobby, painted it and Chris made these tiers for me. He did a great job!
I made the little feather topper and one out of card stock and found the little Indian boy figurine on etsy. I made the the feathers and arrows in the mason jars out of felt, feathers, bakers twine and sticks and cane from our backyard. 
We chose mini pecan pies to be festive since it was right before Thanksgiving.
The teepees were another free printable from One Charming Party
The colors were perfect.
Inside we had another table with chicken, popcorn in the kraft fry boxes, corn dip (both for the season) and fruit.

These little indian children printables made me so happy. I knew I had to use them somehow when I found them. I found them on pinterest and took them straight from there.
I wrapped some bakers twine around the antlers to give them some color and make them fun.
I had pictures of Porter from the year on the doors of my pie safe. I couldn't figure out where to do this then realized the chicken wire would be perfect for mini clothespins and pictures.
Again, I just cut all the arrow buntings out myself. Super easy and cute. I used the inside of the pie safe for head dresses for all of the precious little indians attending the pow wow. Thank you to my awesome mom for making all of the feather head bands for me! They were so cute!

I made more arrows like I did for the table outside just in a smaller version with no feathers.
Porter was the birthday boy so of course he got a special head dress. I bought a strip of camel leather from Joann's, used felt, a part of a bracelet I already had and lots of feathers!
The party favor table
I found mini dream catchers at the dollar tree in packs of two. Can't beat that!! The tags were also printables from Confetti Sunshine
I found this teepee print on pinterest. I used cute washi tape and put if over a watercolor I already had framed in that spot. The rustic frame went perfect.
Another big thanks to my mom for making this awesome dream catcher for the door. She started with a very plain dream catcher and added leather, feathers, beads and fabric. I bought a little wooden one and painted it for the middle.
I found this at Marshalls. It was some cheesy garden sign on clearance. I turned it around and wrote on the back of it. Worked out perfect for his cake eating pictures.
Beverage table. My mom drew the little indian framed on the table.
And what's a Pow Wow without a teepee! Meme and Poppy were able to get us some bamboo from a friend. Chris set the frame up and we tied a painters canvas around it. Then we added some feathers and pumpkins. It turned out just like I had in my head, and it was pretty easy! I got the pumpkins after Halloween so I got them really cheap, which made for one happy momma.
Thanks for letting us use the roller coaster Chris and Darah. It was a hit!
More precious pics of our sweet P over the past year
A family of Indians
Chief Porter
Thank you Maghen for letting use the jumpy!

It was such a special day. Thank you to everyone who came to share it with us!