Friday, September 6, 2013

9 months

 Sweet boy was 9 months old on August 11th. Yes, It is almost September 11th. I started this blog when he was 9 months, but it just took me a while to finish. It can be a chore sometimes. I just keep telling myself it's his baby book.

9 month facts:

  • Weight: 19 lbs 2 oz 
  • Height: 27 inches 
  • Head: 43.75 cm 
  • Wears some 6-9 month, mostly 9 month, and 9-12 month clothes/pajamas
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Feet have grown a little but not much
  • Nurses or takes 6 oz 4x daily
  • Started incorporating finger foods. He eats blueberries (popped) cut up watermelon, green beans, peas and avocado. He doesn't seem to really chew with his gums. He appears to just swallow everything. We tried bananas again, except cut up this time. He acted like he liked them, but threw up later that evening. This is the third time he has thrown up after eating bananas. Won't be  feeding him them again for a long time.  
  • Does well with his sippy cup. I rarely ever give it to him though. I know I need to start more, but nursing him is so much easier.
  • Started eating baby mum mums for his 3pm snack.
  • Noticed the corner of a top tooth coming in a couple of days after 9 months. This was the first time I could distinctly tell he was teething since he was born.
  • Still going down between 7 and 8pm and waking between 6:30 to 7:30am
  • 2 naps a day. Range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Most of the time they are two hours.
  • Clapping, says mama, dada, 
  • Gives the sweetest kisses when I ask him to
  • Gives Daddy high five
  • Thinks the "Going to Bed Book" is the best thing ever. We read it every night. When he sees it he lights up. I can even say it to him with out having the book and he smiles and laughs.
  • Has so much energy. Crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything...stressing me out 
  • Doesn't cry as much when I leave the room. I guess now because he can follow me. Not a big fan of the jumpy or his walker right now. Doesn't like to be held as much anymore either : ( He would rather be free.
  • Doesn't take much to make that baby smile. His personality is showing more and more everyday. We can't get enough.

 Clap, clap
 See ya mom
9 month check up
They got hims finger, but he took it like a champ. Not  a peep.
Checking out that cool band-aid
Dinner at Sal and Mookies. This was the first dinner out that we realized things were starting to get a little stressful. Everything within arms reach is his for the taking. That next day after church we went to eat and before I knew it he had taken a cucumber off my plate and began to eat it! This was before he knocked a glass of water over : ) Joys of parenting, right?

Guilty face
He loves his new Ellie pull toy. Chunky monkey.
Cutie bootie
I am guilty of leaving him in his church clothes all day on Sunday for my viewing pleasure. He just looks so cute in them. 
Of course we have to do a photo shoot
Silly boys
Just playing some tunes
Chris was out of town and we were up way past this little guy's bedtime. I just couldn't let this sweetness go.
Daily routine: Take every toy out of basket, play with none.
First baby mum mum. I just gave it to him and let him go at it.
Contrary to the face he is making, he like it.
hims doesn't know he is flooding
Silly baby kept wiggling his way under and getting stuck.
P had his 9 month session a few days after he turned 9 months. I am pretty biased but I think Connie got some great shots.