Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A New Year

Hello all, it has been a while. I spent a couple of months stressing about blogging then said to heck with it and enjoyed my break from it. I don't know anyone that blogs that doesn't find it to be a chore every now and then.  However, I am glad I take the time (every once in a blue moon these days) to blog about our life with our baby boy. Moving on.

To pick up where I left off after Christmas, Porter being about 13.5 months (now18 months) We had a wonderful, family filled, jam packed holiday season. Lots of fun, but with that usually comes being tired. So we spent our New years eve at home chilling as a family.

This stinker can't get enough of his Pais
Had to wake buddy up around 11:35pm for the count down. It wasn't a problem getting him to wake up,  apparently it was for Chris though.
So happy I captured this sweet little midnight kiss moment
Yay! it's 2014
Kisses still in the air the next day
Walked in to a topless bebe after nap time
Baby boy loves his jack in the box. He just had to figure out how to use it
Scooped up a maraca at pier one. He immediately went to town when I gave it to him, shaking away. He only bopped himself in the head a few times from the excitement  :)
Fun at the Mcdonalds' for the Saints game.
Porter wanted a kiss, but Avery wasn't having it
He may not gotten Aves kisses, but he came home with a new tent
Definitely a hit
I spy a baby with a big belly
Makes my heart smile
Peek-a-boo during nap time. The boy knows how to entertain himself
Stack on, stack off. And if I can't get it after a couple of tries, I hand to mommy or daddy.
I swear the child has something against socks
On the ole land hunt.
Yes people, he has a rat tail and I'm NOT cutting it. For a while anyway (At 18 months I still haven't cut it. hehe)
He's the cutest. The outfit just adds to it
We had one year pictures made a little late, but they couldn't have turned out better. Connie was able to capture this special moment. I will probably devote the whole next blog to his one year session. They are just too good not to share.
We threw a baby shower at the house to celebrate Courtney and the upcoming arrival of baby Austin Ellis Davis. It turned out fantastic.
This was SO time consuming, but I was very happy with the final product
While we were showering away Chris took P to Bass Pro Shops to eat and look around. Boy stuff.
Fun at home
so serious
Family selfie
Wasn't able to catch the getting in…..
but I sure did catch the getting out. He made it with no bumps or bruises
sweet face
he loves a book now
and loves doing this hilarious thing where he clenches his fists and teeth and makes himself shake. Then he busts out laughing after. It's the funniest thing. He's really something.
Our first real bed head. Not much hair to work with
We were able to get out of the house for a night for a sweet friend's wedding shower. We grabbed drinks and apps at Babalu before hand. Love that place. I wish Chris did too.
Chris likes to see how long it takes me to notice. Not very long, obviously. I want to grab that little booty.
My big boy drinking out of his big boy cups
Visiting Daddy at the office
 This was when he first started using those little snack containers. I remember thinking he looked so big sitting there in his chair eating his snack. Made me sad.
Snow day!!
We love our Terry! She goes above and beyond!
We went to tour Whole Foods before it opened. So excited it came to Jackson
and of course we had to test all of the sample food. Someone ate a little too much.
Keifers with my boys that night. I believe they were tired
and someone had an attitude
The next day we enjoyed our first time at the park! P loved the swing. A little too much. He started his growling laugh which made everyone around him join in his laughter
Meet Beauregard, AKA Bobo
We had fun watching more football at the McDonalds'. We had a lucky night. We won a little money and Porter got to hug and kiss sweet Lucy. She is just precious
He played his little heart out
and so did all the other kiddos
He crashed on the way home, which never happens. Chris was soaking it up. If P were awake he'd say "Nii nii Dada"
open, close, open, close. 
I wasn't lying when I said he's good at entertaining himself  :)
One of those moment's when your are just staring in awe at the little miracle you created.
He is perfection. Rat tail and all
We decided to give the jumpy one last go before returning it to my sweet friend Maghen, who let us borrow it for P's birthday
He wasn't feeling it. So we packed it right back up.
Later that day we went to Swayze's 4th birthday! Precious girl and awesome cake, Sharon Ward!
He decided he liked the jumpy again. Of course he decided to like it when there were 10 kids rolling down it at a time. Figures.
First dentist appointment
Before his teething cleaning
He did not enjoy it one bit, but we got through it which is all that matters. The boy hates getting his teeth brushed. It has gotten better from then to now but it's still a fight sometimes. We sing during and let him drink water for a real cup afterwards. Gotta do what you gotta do.
We loved having Nana visit!
The Jenny Lind high chair I got for him before he was born was on it's last leg. It was time for a new one sadly enough. I love that highchair, but I REALLY love the new Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair we got. It is the MOST functional thing ever. Function has become my middle name here lately.
Happy Valentine's day!
 This was waiting for me when I walked downstairs that morning. I have a super sweet husband. Of course there was a card from him and a card from Porter. Always.
We enjoyed an eventful Valentines dinner at Jacos Tacos with this wild banshee 
The party didn't stop when we got home either. This marked the moment we realized our days of going out to eat with our cooperative child were soon coming to an end. He was becoming more determined by the second. 
I love how I can push him right up to the table with this chair. No arm rests in the way. He also can't tip himself back like he had been doing because of the unique design of the legs. He feels like such a big boy in it. A plus!
Please Mom, tell me you aren't going to make me wear this for Easter!? I totally got this Carriage Boutique bubble from a thrift store in Atlanta for $1.50.  Chris put an end to it real fast. I wasn't that fond of it either, but he looks cute in anything. His face is priceless.
The climbing has begun
Curious George 
I mean, really?
We loved getting a visit from Stef and Allen! We sure do miss living 3 doors down from them
Soon after getting home from eating at Keifers with them, I began vomiting uncontrollably and did not stop until 5am the next morning. It was AWFUL. I have been sick more since I had P than I have every been it my life, it seems like. Sad, but true. He is sooo worth it though.
P and his sidekick. Pais usually just follows him around when he has his snack up. He enjoys feeding her table food, thoroughly. Us, not so much
Here comes my little leg hugger
"Porter, your sister while she is eating!"  Yes, I call her his sister. Chris corrects me every time.
"Porter, I mean it"
In one ear and out the other
He's lucky he's cute :)
At Pawpaw's and Mimi Cherry's
Pawpaw building a fort
First dinner date alone with my angel face
that's a better angel face
He loves making this face….kills me.
15 months in this last photo. Love him to pieces

You know those pictures that look the same to everyone else, but to you they all look totally different? Yeah, I have a lot of those and I'm not at the point where I can choose the best one yet. Will i ever be? Probably not. So that's my explanation to anyone who wonders why I put  up 2, 3 or 4 of the same picture. I'm sure there are lots of mommas our there who understand what I am talking about. :) That's all for now. Hopefully I'll get caught up one day.