Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Crazy Life

Porter is 5 months old! Warning: Pic stitch overload

Yes, I realize I am very late with this and Porter will be 6 months soon, but things have been CRAZY around here.

5 month facts:
  • Wears 6 month, 6-9 month clothes and still some 3-6 months pajamas
  • Size 2 diapers
  • Started eating every 4 hours around 4.5 months Woohooo, I have a life.
  • Takes 6 oz from a pumped bottle and still nurses 15- 20 minutes.
  • Still going down between 7 and 8pm and waking between 6:30 to 7:30am, with the occasional few.
  • Is now down to 2-3 naps a day. His first 2 naps range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. His third nap is usually a cat nap after the 3pm feeding, if he decides to take one. 
  • Squeals and laughs so much. 
  • Anything he plays with goes straight to his mouth - toys, feet, etc.
  • Can sit supporting himself for about a minute or so if I put him in the sitting position.
  • Rolling to the left from tummy to back. Has gone to the right a few times but favors the left. 
  • At about 5 months and a week he started rolling from back to tummy.
  • Loves to stand
  • Loves a paci these days 
  • Has been weird about bath time since we moved. I don't know if it is getting used to the new environment or what. It's getting better though.
  • Starting to hold his bottle
  • Likes to be held. I guess I am partly to blame : )
  • Wiiigggllleee worm. He is everywhere when I am holding him. Grabs my face, hair, pinches the fire out of me. 
  • Tries to grab anything in site. I have jars on the changing table full of stuff. I am able to stop him from getting to them now, but I imagine I will be removing the jars soon.
  • Sweeeetest baby around

Sooooo our lives have been absolutely crazy for the past month or so. I wrote that we were moving in the last blog. Well, we are here in Jackson and settled for the most part.  We are renting until we find out exactly where we want to be in this area. We planned to move whether we sold our house or not, but we got an unexpected offer on our house! We just knew we were going to have to list it with a realtor eventually, but no siree!! We were so grateful, but weren't expecting to have a specific date to be out of the house. This put a little more pressure on us knowing that we already had a trip to Florida a few days before we had to be out. Also, after much debate, we decided to go ahead and get Porter baptized before we moved. We were going to wait until we moved to Jackson but then drive back to Hattiesburg so our Priest, Father Tommy, could baptize him. At the last minute we decided to go ahead and do it on Easter Sunday. Because it was such short notice, Porter's Godparents (my brother Larkin and my sister-n-law Abby) weren't able to be there. It was okay though because we had our close friends Stefanie and Allan stand in as their proxies. It just worked out better for us to go ahead and do it. We weren't exactly sad to leave Hattiesburg, but were and still are so sad to leave our church. We will miss Father Tommy so very much!! Hopefully we can find a home in the Jackson area that we like just as well. 

P with the Easter bunny. He was so stimulated by everything else I don't think he even noticed the big scary bunny.
All ready for his big day!

Angel face
Father Tommy blessing Porter's rosary from his Meme and Poppy and first Bible from his Uncle Larkin
Playing while we had Easter lunch at Half Shell Oyster House. So yummy! Great addition to Hattiesburg.

The week after Easter we packed as much as we could. Meme and Poppy came towards the end of the week to keep Porter while we went to Florida to celebrate the wedding of my friends Melody and Foster. We were crazy for going out of town that close to the move, but I couldn't miss it! Leaving Porter for the first time was a lot harder than I thought. I pretty much cried the whole way there. (sorry Stef and Allan) I am sure the flat tire and having to purchase a new breast pump along the way had nothing to do with it. After we got there, I finally just let it go and we had a great time. My mom did a great job of sending pics and videos the whole time.

That Saturday morning this angel was born. Layla Belle Peterson. So ready to get my hands on that tiny little thing!
my love
OT soul sistas
 With the GORGEOUS bride and our favorite, Billy, from Teenage Daddy! Such a fun night. Congrats Melody and Foster!!!!
Sunday morning we couldn't leave Santa Rosa fast enough to get home to this face.
Thank you Meme and Poppy for babysitting!!  
Daddy sure did miss his buddy.

It was a fun little, quick trip, but we knew getting back home on Sunday was go time. We were moving Tuesday and that reality quickly set in knowing we had so much more to do. On Tuesday the movers came early. Of course we underestimated and not all of our stuff fit into the moving truck. We had to go to Jackson, unload, rent a uhaul and go back. (we still have a storage unit there too, ugh!!)We didn't end up getting everything unloaded until the early a.m. Soooo stressful moving with a 4 month old. Poor baby didn't know what to think. I was so sad because we were in such a hurry that I didn't get to walk around the empty house and reminisce about all of our memories there. It was our first house and the first house we brought Porter home to. I still get pretty sad about it, but I am really sentimental and emotional like that though. Just can't help it. The weekend of the move Chris was in the wedding of his good friend Derek (Congrats to Derek and Kelli! I hate I didn't get a picture!!) and we had sweet little Avery McDonald's 2nd birthday that Sunday. Chris's Pawpaw also passed away that week. He had been sick and had no quality of life for a couple of months. It has been rough on the family, but we know he is in Heaven with the good Lord playing golf everyday. He will be missed greatly.

 Christmas 2012. We are so happy Pawpaw got to spend some time with Porter. 
 Packing was awful, but we sure did play hard to try to make the most of it! Yes, he really fell asleep playing. I wish this happened more often.
 Somebody likes his new toy. This thing has been a life saver during all of the craziness being that it just folds up like a portable chair and has the sack to carry on your back!
 happy, happy, happy
Moving day....the move rocked this sweet baby's world : (
Aloha! P with the birthday girl!! She is growing too fast. Can't believe she is going to be a big sister soon!
 This precious bebe, Emory Kidd Ainsworth, made his surprise debut on April 14th! He is a doll!! It was so nice to be able to drop in and see them now that we have moved. Porter is excited about all of his new friends. Can't you tell?
 I guess this moving thing wasn't so bad after all 
Back to Atlanta they go
Such a big boy!! 
Play time with Mommy
Just a rolling
 Sweetest profile
He is serious about this giraffe y'all
Chris stayed up late unpacking one night and I saw this with P's books the next morning. He ended up finding it in a box of things he had when he was little. Made my heart so full : )