Friday, April 3, 2015

Porter's 2nd Birthday

We started Porter's birthday celebration a little early since Chris was going to be out of town for work on his actual birthday :(  He was super sad. When he got home form work we headed out to Sal and Mookies for a birthday dinner. We arrived to Sal and Mookies only to realize it was closed (on a Tuesday night?) We zoomed over to Babalu because it was getting late and Porter was in rare form. Not sure what we were thinking when we decided to go eat at 7pm with an almost 2 year old. With all that said the pictures do it justice. It was a good night overall though :)

He went through a stage where he absolutely hated pictures and would not look at me if I had my phone out. I think that was a sign that I went overboard on picture taking.  He's still like that to an extent, but much better.

I was able to capture this moment. They were discussing that he is about to me two.
Shirt up and all, we got a family photo. It's so funny how in the midst of a borderline meltdown you can capture a decent picture.
The next morning our big TWO year old boy woke up to his new slide!
Since his birthday party was on a Thursday night, I didn't take off work for his birthday since I was taking off Thursday. I was sad. 
This sweet girl was waiting at the window for her Tita like she does every morning I work. 
That night we went to pick up some last minute stuff for the party and birthday boy ate some pizza. The kid loves some pizza.
I tried sooo hard to get him to look at me for a pic. He finally got really aggravated with me. Pictured below.
I was SO excited to get home and start his birthday ring tradition. Him, not so much
He finally came around
Then, when I made him stop playing with it to light the candles this happened. Since having a child, I have learned to never picture how something is going to go in my head because 99.9% of the time it is not going to turn out that way. 
He finally came around again.
To see this sweet face was all worth it
We decided to go ahead and open Tita's birthday gift to P
That weekend Porter had his very first sucker, and we attempted to continue his wish lantern birthday tradition.
We went out to the soccer field this year because of all of the trees around us in this house.
It was absolutely FREEZING, or it felt like it anyway because of the wind
Chris attempted to light the lantern multiple times but it was not working so we gave up.
 A few days later, when the weather was better, we went back out to the soccer fields to try this wish lantern thing one more time.
Of course I got a good picture with P and Chris. 
Wasn't happening for me. I swear it's only me. He does it on purpose.
Such a special tradition that I am excited about carrying on. I am all about some traditions.
He said "bye bye light" :)

There aren't words to describe what you mean to us and how you make us feel every single day. It is such a special feeling that I didn't even know existed. Every single day there is something new and exciting with you. Of course there are those frustrating moments where I want to pull my hair out, but I honestly would not change any of it for the world. You are healthy, happy most of the time, stubborn, determined, affectionate when you want to be, wild, and down right ornery sometimes and I still figure new things out about you every day. I am so glad God picked you for us and this journey we are on. I may not always be the most calm, perfect mommy, but I try my absolute hardest to be the best mom I can be. Please know that you will be loved unconditionally forever and always. Happy birthday sweet boy.

All the love in the world,