Friday, February 27, 2015

Family Beach Trip

Since we spent most of our summer with cabin fever because of Chris's broken foot, we didn't go on our family beach trip until October. I did not realize how perfect the weather was at the beach in October. We went to Rosemary again this year and loved it even more. We found a carriage house pretty close to the beach so that made it even better.

In route
We arrived! 
P immediately clung to this little bunk area. It was pretty cute. 
This window made me real happy yall.
We immediately left for what we love best about Rosemary and Seaside, a stroll! Someone was not having any pictures made. 
We got back to the house and before I knew it, P ran up to me with this. OH MY GOSH. Apparently it  was in a very bottom drawer. No blood was involved. Praise the Lord
in and out in and out.
The balcony had big slats so I didn't have to worry when Porter was out there. It also had little circle cut outs, randomly placed, that porter could look through. Genius.
Sunscreen with the right ingredients (Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide) doesn't rub in very well just FYI
Just eatin' some string cheese
shadows are neat
This boy has a need to push, pull, pick up and/or throw something constantly. He pushed our beach wagon all over the place.
and we just watched
Pool Fun. He's becoming more fond of his puddle jumper. It's a good thing.
Dinner time
Cowgirl Kitchen it is
My boy loves to smell flowers :)
no more picturesssss momma
This one took a huge swig of my vanilla latte when I wasn't looking and left remnants everywhere, including on himself.
He LIVED out there
Good morning still water. Gosh it couldn't have been anymore perfect.
Photo op waiting on Chris to get back with my coffee
Time to bury Daddy. This wasn't his idea...
Now let's pour water on his head. This was hysterical.
More flower interest
We found a friend in the pool
I love a clean nakie baby
Dinner in Seaside at our favorite air streams. 
cheesin it
Loves to point out letters or anything asking wha dis?
We love the book store
Gelato date 
kisses for my munchkin
Had to make a stop at Duckies
Morning time
 Yes, time out applies everywhere
These two
So the lil booger refused to sleep in his pack-n-play on the trip which means no one really got sleep. This moment sure was nice though. These times are few and far between because we have a baby that loves to sleep routinely
wha dis? wha dis?
We love the splash pad in Aly's + the huge green grass of the amphitheatre
Always nice to have a friend
The boy loves to wrestle
Daddy son selfie for once
This I could get used to
So peaceful
Dinner at Edward's
He actually did really well and it turned out to be a very pleasant meal.
It was hard parting with this baby
Attempt at a family pic
It wouldn't be a beach trip without a photo sesh on the beach of course
There were lots of tears
and food bribery
and unpleasant faces
The best we got in front of the water. Pretty cute.
Then we moved to the green...
After a melt down he gave us the good stuff.
I love action shots. I used to only like posed pictures but pictures like this are my favorite.
He was only cooperating with food by this point so hand over mouth had to do.
We got this gem on the back. My favorite.
Being so close to Halloween, they had a spooky little play cemetery 
Buddy picked out a toy souvenir at GiGi's on our way out.  A pirate sword for the win.
This was one little worn out soon to be 2 year old.  Some people think we are crazy to go on vacations with just the three of us and no help. We think the exact opposite. We love having this close family time in addition to big family time, chaotic or not.  It brings us closer and we make lots of memories. We wouldn't have it any other way. It was a good trip :)