Friday, February 15, 2013

3 Months Old!

On Super bowl Sunday P was 12 weeks old!
 Having fun during the game. He looks way too old in this pic : (
Later that day after a couple of spit up incidents. He is loving the bumbo and his footsies.
 Yummy rolls. We love getting lotioned up after bath time.
 The Saturday before the super bowl was Meggie's baby shower. I could hardly stand how cute she looked. We are all so excited to meet Layla Belle! She's going to be a beautiful babe that is for sure!  
 Joking. Hope not to offend anyone, but my friends and I think it is pretty funny when people do this in maternity pictures. It looks like Maghen is really enjoying herself though??
 I have to brag on Meg real quick. She has always sewn little things ever since I've known her, but when she showed me the pic of Layla's baby bedding she sewed, I was blown away. So proud of her! 
Needless to say, she inspired me : ) I bought a sewing machine almost a year ago. I had every intention of learning to sew when I was pregnant so I could make P some stuff. My mom sews and tried to show me a couple of times when she was visiting, but I just wasn't ready. Well, I finally sat down and got familiar with my machine. I found some scraps of fabric I already had and white burp cloth to practice with. 
 It definitely doesn't look great, but I was really proud of myself.
 Looking pretty handsome in his Sunday get up : )

 On Sunday afternoon I was preparing for my first day back to work on Monday morning and preparing all of P's stuff for "school". Some of my friends call it school instead of daycare. It sounds better to me for some reason so we will go with that. As I was getting things together, my weather man was very in tuned to the weather channel. You can usually find Chris looking at the weather several times a day. I have always laughed at how into the weather he is. I wasn't laughing though when he told me Lamar county was under a tornado warning and it looked like it was heading straight for us. I always get really scared during tornado warnings. I know some people don't, but I have always been a freak about them. Well, this time I was freaking out X 10 because of Porter. Chris immediately put on his shoes and told me to do the same. This is something he always makes us do during tornado warnings for our area. If a tornado hits us and we are safe then there will be debri everywhere so it's just a good idea to have shoes on. He made the decision that we should get in the car and drive the opposite way the tornado was heading. At this point, we had ample time to do so. We know that tornados can change directions, but Chris thought this was the safest bet and I trusted him. He was tracking it the whole time we were driving. After the warning was lifted, we headed back home. I called my friend, Stefanie, on the way who lives a couple of houses down to make sure they were okay. She told me they were fine, but had lost power. When we pulled back into the neighborhood we saw some debri , but no major damage to any houses. The tornado literally just missed us. It destroyed houses not even a mile from our neighborhood. We are beyond blessed. My heart hurts for the many people that were affected.

This is a video that was taken by one of Tophers employees from the store
Oak Grove High School.

 If you would like to help or want more info on the recovery go to

We arrived home happy to find no damage, but we walked into no power. I was a little concerned because I still had so much to do to prepare for the next day, but was just so relieved we were safe. We lit pretty much every candle in the house and If you know me, that's a lot of candles. : ) 

P was still able to have fun
It was fun for a while, but the later it got and when the smoke detector started going off it was a little stressful. Having to care for a baby without power is a little difficult. We finally got power back around 9pm. I ended up not going to bed until 12:30 and we got up at 5:30 to make sure we had enough time. After everyone was ready, Chris followed me to M and M Learning Factory (his school) because he knew I was going to need some comforting after dropping him off. Well, we pull up and no one was there! I had no idea that daycares shut down when schools are out? This is all new to me. So back to the house we went to figure things out. Chris ended up staying home with P and my sweet boss let me leave pretty early to relieve Chris so he could get some work done. 
Happy to stay home with Daddy for the day.
Porter was 3 months old on February 11th, which was supposed to be his first day of school. He has been so much fun lately. He had his first real laugh a little after 2 months. He is laughing so much now. It's so stinkin cute. We try to get videos of it, but he is so interested in the phone when we pull it out to try to record his laughs he stops and focuses on the phone. It drives me crazy!! We just love all of the sounds he makes. Squealing, laughing, razzzz, spit bubbles....can't get enough. His head control is pretty good (good enough to sit in the bumbo) and he loves bearing weight through his legs in our lap. He's the biggest wiggle worm ever! He is batting at objects some, but I still can't tell how purposeful it is. He is still not a big fan of tummy time, but does good for the 5 minutes he does it.
Take 1
Chris wasn't able to go with me on his real first day of school and boy did I need him. I busted out in tears the second I handed him over. It was one of those ugly cries too where I couldn't catch my breath to tell them what I needed to tell them or answer their questions. So embarrassing. On my way out the sweet chef lady for the school stopped me and gave me a big hug. I literally hugged her for 5 minutes. I have never needed that hug so bad. 

Hims was vewy sweepy
He had a big day! He was exhausted when he got home.
Second day of school. He was a happy camper when got home.
I laid him down for 2 seconds to go run and do something and he was already zonked! I'm just not used to him being this tired. I guess this is how it is going to be on MTW when he goes to school.
Sweet face....makes my heart melt
 Daddy fun.

Yesterday was the end of my week as far as work goes. I am so glad I get to spend Thursdays and Fridays with Porter. I can't say enough how thankful I am for this. We had a check up at the pediatrician Thursday morning. P weighs a whopping 15lbs and 3oz. Yes, at only 3 months and a few days. What is in my milk?! How in the world am I going to carry his carseat when he is 6 months if he keeps growing like this?! #healthybabyboy #makesmehappy.  We came home played, cleaned up a little and got ready for Valentine's day dinner. I found a crockpot recipe for creamy tortellini soup. The recipe is from Better Homes and Gardens.  For those of you who know me, know that I am not a cook, per say, but I can cook when I want to. Chris is the chef in our house and a pretty amazing one at that. Yeah, I know I'm pretty lucky. Anywho, I have not cooked since Porter was born, I needed to find something easy and good to cook for the first time with a babe. It ended up being delish and super easy, of course. We had to have a sweet treat for Valentines. These cookies are store bought, couldn't squeeze baking in, but they were fresh and yummy.  #onestepatatime
I quickly threw together a table setting. It was the best I could do considering Chris would be home in 20 min.  I wanted to have it ready for when he walked in the door.  
Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!