Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Vacation

We went to Rosemary beach at the end of July. It was our first time there and Porter's first trip to the beach! It was just the three of us and the first of many. I was pregnant last year during our beach trip. We found out sweet P was a boy the day before we left! 

In route....lunch stop. I have only fed Porter organic, homemade baby food up to this point. I broke down and bought the already made organic food pouches for the trip. I didn't want to, but I knew it would make the trip that much more relaxing, and boy did it. I know I am probably overboard about stuff sometimes, per my mom : ) Call me crazy, but it's my first child. He did just fine with it, obviously, except for the fact his pooh was a little different. Sorry TMI. I will leave it at that.

After a whole day in the car, we finally made it.  Porter started to get really antsy during the trip and I don't blame him. We stopped several times to give him breaks from the car seat, but towards the end he cried every time we put him back in it.  I am pretty sure we have never left for the beach on a Saturday before, and after that grueling drive, never again.

Strapped back into a seat. He wasn't very happy about this at first.
He got over it soon enough

Pool time! P had never been in a pool before vacation. We have been wanting to take him, but just haven't had the chance, mostly because his schedule. His nap schedule has ruled my life thus far, but I'm realizing I can't live like that forever. It pretty much went out the window the second we pulled into Rosemary. 

We wanted to introduce him to the pool before going to the beach. Hims was all ready!
He wasn't having it at first. I am sure the fact he was tired and all out of whack had something to do with it.
Chris just eased him in to try to get him used to it. He was fine then every time he saw me, he wasn't having it.
Yeah I have a double what
Whale bum
P had the best time exploring at our carriage house and Daddy had the best time photographing it.
Drool shot
My heart
All ready for dinner
I love that Chris gets these shots while I'm not paying attention. They are the best.
He loves that necklace
Love, love, love my boys
Cowgirl Kitchen
Whoa with the pictures momma
Whatever works

Beach time!! We set up shop early each day. Our plan was to try to get P to nap on the beach, but there was way too much stimulation going on. Major brag wonderful husband took Porter on hour plus stroller rides around Rosemary to get him to nap so I could have quiet time to read, and get some sun. I think he secretly wanted father-son time, which I am incredibly grateful for. He does SO much for our family and I seriously couldn't ask for anything better. Love him to pieces. Chris said Porter was the mayor of Rosemary by the last day we were there. Too funny.

I doesn't get any cuter than this!
Once he spots those puffs he is on a mission
He did good for the most part, but of course we had times like these. 
those little episodes were short lived though. Too much stuff to get into to be upset.
Again, whatever works. I used to never let him play with anything that wasn't a toy. Boy, how things change. 
Loves his Daddy's watch. Of course, anything that is not a toy.
Love this man

Fine dining with the babe. He did surprisingly well. We had a pretty good system worked out for dinner each night. Being able to stroll to all the shops and restaurants made the trip so much more relaxing. We didn't have to get back in the car until we left.  We always loved this about Seaside. We have gone there for the past few summers because my Uncle Murray and Aunt Martha have a house there. Rosemary is definitely different than Seaside, but we love both! Definitely makes it easier, especially now that we have a baby!

He looks like an old man with no teeth here. hehe. 
Darn flash
Once he discovered the sand, all he wanted to do was eat it.
Sweeeet kisses

I was a little stressed before we left about how we were going to manage the feeding situation without going in every 4 hours. I ended up using this small, electric swing pump and then just gave him a bottle for each feeding. I had to buy that pump a long time ago because we went on a trip and I ended up leaving some of my accessories at home. I was so mad about having to spend money on a another pump, but now I am so glad I have it.  It's so tiny and convenient. I just threw a nursing cover on and no one even noticed. It was very discrete and super easy.
Sweet boy liked the water one minute and didn't the next. He was used to it by the last day just in time to leave.
Attempting to get a picture
Wasn't happening
Hims just wanted his momma to hold him : )
Needless to say, he started loving the pool. 
I had no idea how much little kids loved babies. It seems like they flocked to P the entire trip.
Long day....sweet baby was exhausted
The fire department turned the fire hydrant (or however that works) and made a slip in slide marked off with pool noodles. How fun?
Of course we had to do the cheesy family beach pics. Had to.
Sleepy baby
I bought this outfit last year at Duckies when we were in Seaside. Such a cute store. It was the first outfit I bought him because, like I said before, we had just found out he was boy the day before we left. It fit him so perfect. Made me so happy : )
Hims loves that sand
The last day we went to Seaside to hang out for a bit.  I wanted to go back to Duckies to get him a toy. 
Sweet P and Pais being so good at Modica
It was a wonderful first beach trip with our sweet P! Can't wait for the next.