Monday, January 12, 2015

Beach with Friends

We went down to Seagrove Beach, Florida at the end of August with sweet friends. We like to call it our OT reunion. We (Me, Stef, Erin and Melody) all met in OT school and haven't missed a beat since. Although we all live in different cities, we make it a point to get together. We decided, hey, let's go rent a house at the beach with our families this summer.

We made a last minute decision to leave at 7:30pm. Everyone wasn't getting there until the next day but we figured why not. We knew Porter would sleep most of the way, which is always a plus. Chris had driven home from Covington that day though and was pretty exhausted.  I worked all day as well and came home and packed as quick as I could. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, but we were regretting it around 11pm. We finally made it there about 1am and went to sleep only to wake up hours later to a toddler in an unfamiliar place. We were glad to be there though. We quickly headed to Rosemary to grab coffee and breakfast from Amavida before heading to the beach.

Ready for the ride
We went straight the balcony the next morning to see the pretty ocean view
Notice the hat the wagon. That was the last time I'd ever see that thing, unbeknownst to me
Joe cool
Finally our friends arrived! 
Porter and his buddy Emory
The guys went in from the beach early one day with the kids to give us some girl time.
Little did we know we would be taking cover from a massive wind storm
We went to George's in Aly's Beach to eat one night.
Porter was in rare form from little to no naps
I spent most of dinner chasing him around. He did not want to be contained in a highchair. Chris eventually left with him so I could enjoy the rest of my meal, because that's what sweet husbands do.
We went and scooped them back up after dinner to head to the Sugar Shack. Uncle Al did the pushing this time.
Fun in the sun
Exhaustion at its finest
I have an obsession with the Splash pad in Aly's. Probably because its where the amphitheater is with ongoing grass that Porter can run freely in. It's just so pretty over there though.

Sweet time with Mel
We got some perks of hanging with a photographer too
We love Stef

We were so sad to leave each other!
Home sweet home

The next morning we took it back to the splash pad because we just weren't ready to see summer go
Too pooped to pop
We came home from the beach with this little pirate doll and a little case of impetigo…oh what joy. It was a wonderful trip though (excuse my hellacious looks).

Catching up: It's Summer time

At 18.5 months, Porter weighed a whopping 25lbs 8oz and was 2ft 7.5in long.

We were so excited for summer to begin so we could start going outside to play. Little did we know the mosquitoes would eat us alive. The backyard here is really shaded therefore we have zero grass, only pine straw and pine cones. Apparently mosquitoes like the shade A LOT because we can go to a friends house and barely get bitten. Of course no insect repellents really work that don't have deet in them, so we got eaten alive every single time. Needless to to say we didn't get to play outside much here. Not long after summer began, Chris broke his foot. His right foot, which made everything a lot more complicated. No driving AND our bedroom/bathtubs are on the second floor. Chris is one of the most independent people I have ever met so this was a pretty rough time for him/us. Not to mention he is super hot natured. All of those things combined, plus having a child who only wants to go outside or play in the water, made it pretty miserable for him. With that said, P and I had to do a lot of things by ourselves (lots of baby-mama selfies) for 3 months, yes 3 months. He was in a hard cast and pretty much non weight bearing for most of it. His left leg was shot by the end of it from hopping up and down the stairs. Terrible. After it was all said and done we tried to soak up every bit of summer we still had. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

Post run with my bud. We did a lot of running together this summer. He loves a good run in the BOB
Either you take the plate when he is done or it goes on the floor
He loves saying "hheeeeyy"
In my white tee, YUP!
Ride a little horsey went to town, mama please!
Train ride at Tate's birthday!
P with birthday boy
Fun with Rhodes and Charlotte
First watermelon
The aftermath
Play date
First photography. He's a natural.
Don't go Mama
The kid loves a ball of any sort
Back at the pad
Sweet loving
18 month check up a little late
This one hurt
tricycle bootie
Oh the fun
We spent Memorial day weekend in Georgia with Meme and Poppy
Smelling herbs with Poppy
Eating some of Poppy's amazing food
My mom always has lavender and/or fresh herbs out for us in our bedroom or bathroom. Never fails.
Fun at the park
1,2,3 jump! Uncle Larkin love his P
Those curls….my mom talked me into letting her chop them off before we left. So sad. I still have them in a little bag though. His first haircut at almost 19 months.
Memorial Day fun 
First lime tasting. You would think by his face he hated it, but he kept going back for more
He, all of a sudden, decided he did not like his pack-n-play on this trip so the boy did not nap or go down at night without a fight. This pic was post a quick nap on Mom's friend Michelle. He loves her.
Cellulite for days
Checking out Daddy's crutches
The night we returned home this child pooped in the bathtub for the first time. Straight blueberries. His Meme gave him as many as he wanted and then some.
He had the biggest obsession with the movie Pitch Perfect. I don't even know how it came about. I think it came on one night and he started going crazy dancing to the performance parts. All we had to do was turn on those parts and he was a dancing maniac. So funny. 
Curls gone
Looking like a big boy
A boy and his buddies
New toy!
Before work selfie
So obsessed with his silhouette. We got it done before Mom cut his curls off. That's my favorite part.
So Chris INSISTED on going to the grocery store. If you know us, he is the cook in the house. He cooked a lot during those 3 months because he felt that was the only thing he could really do. He needed things I wouldn't be able to find, apparently, so we went as a family.
It was a pretty funny experience
we get in and out of cabinets over here
one of may bruises of the summer
Bugging Pais. He gets on her nerves so bad. It has gotten a lot better though because he's a little older now.
That face
My babies
Hanging out in the backyard. Notice the mosquito bite on my knee.
Independence had arrived by this point. He HAD to put the coffee in, and push start in the mornings
He had to "sweep"
He had to read the book and turn the pages himself
One of those moments when Pais didn't get up and walk away.
First swim lesson
Big boy did good as long as I was no where in site. Thank goodness for the big glass windows up stairs at the Healthplex
More selfies in our alone time without Dada
The making of Chris Father's day gift :)
Loves to stack but loves knocking it down even more. Boys.
Got a new ride
Ever since Meme showed him how fun getting in a basket is...
He is crazy with this ball. Throws it all around the room
Father's Day
Father's Day lunch at Babalu. It looks like we are having the best time, but in reality it was so difficult getting Chris's foot situated and then wanted his meal right then and there. The family next to us felt so sorry for us she gave porter stickers and some candy out of her "emergency kid pack", which I thought was so funny. You gotta do what you gotta do.  It's also funny how pictures can make everything look perfect. Far from perfect here. 
We spent some time with my Daddy after eating. 
New bruise, different day
Rental house probs
He stands at this window when anyone leaves and watches them. It breaks Chris's heart when he leaves for work trips.
First milkshake and the creme of the crop it was. The seasonal peach shake from chickfila. AHHHmazing.
Terry caught this sweet moment before Chris left to go out of town one day. It's really dark but I love it.
Just chilling on the dining room table
These are the moments people
Happy boy ready for a run
 Love this man and our time after P goes down.
Fourth of July Fireworks
I always get a decent pic with P and Chris, but never with me it seems
anxiously awaiting
trying to keep him entertained was exhausting at this age
He sat down in Chris's lap for maybe 5 seconds
Tried again when we got home. Nope
Practicing a yoga headstand
Doesn't everyone use their jack in the box as a seat?
I saw a  post of a little girl on instagram, same age as Porter, that still lets her Mom wear her so I thought I would give it a try. This was 1 second before he almost had an anxiety attack to get out of it.
he gets the biggest kick out of watching me do this.
Misquito bites on the exact same spots of both sides of his head. They swelled like crazy. At this point I banned our backyard until spring.
Chris was finally able to weight bear without crutches so we took the opportunity to get out of the house. Much needed.
And fun after :)
I get it Porter. You don't like having your picture taken
I think I lived in that shirt this summer
Rhodes turned 2 in July!
He stayed by the watermelon and took one bite of each. Sorry Britt.
 We celebrated Britt's 30 birthday at Melanie's house
First time at the Children's Museum
He had a ball
Passed slap out on the way home. This never happens either.
Why is watching him snuggle with stuffed animals so sweet?
Millie D's 
Again trying to get a picture with me and this kid is impossible
A boy and his dog
As good as it gets
My main squeeze
Oh I do love a naked fat baby
My little bulldog
One of those moments that NEVER happens
We joined the Sisson family at Roosevelt State Park for some fun in the sun. Despite this picture he did actually have fun.  Little did I know that night would be AWFUL.
Over it. Now what were those swim lessons for?
After swimming we headed to the lake
If you don't think this is the cutest thing ever something is wrong with you!

We got home pretty late in the afternoon. He was exhausted from zero nap all day which makes him a little clumsy. When went straight upstairs to get cleaned up.  While in the bathtub he was banging on the side and slipped down jamming his two front teeth and chipping them. We have porcelain tubs here at the rental so it was not forgiving at all either. At the time it was my worst nightmare. I took it way worse than he did. Kids are so resilient, its crazy. There was very little blood though, just terrible bruising. Looking back now it was silly for me to get THAT upset over it, but it is my first child and all I could think was his little face/smile that I love so much isn't going to look the same. I called our pediatric dentist immediately and we ended up going in the next morning. She took x-rays and told me that there was a chance his teeth could turn grey or he could possibly lose one. She was more worried about damage it could have caused to his permanent teeth since they were pushed up. This was the beginning of what seemed like a million dentist appointments.

I did not want to be away from this baby for 2 seconds after all this. I was attached to him at the hip. He was pretty spoiled rotten for a few weeks after that incident
Captured this. How his lovie ended up on his bum and how Beauregard the wolf ended up between his legs, I have no idea. 
Lil snaggle took italian
Nothing sweeter
We decided to take our first outing after all that to the Livingston Farmers Market. I was so scared to take him anywhere for fear he would fall and hit his mouth again. 
and that Saturday back to the museum
No church momma
That Sunday we spent the afternoon at Liberty park. We played frisbee and kicked the soccer ball around. Pais enjoyed running her little tail off. Not much of that anymore in her old age
I got a snowbiz and took this pic in honor of my bffs that worked there in high school. You know who you are.
Tickle Monster
I've gotten better
This one was straight exhausted afterwards so we made a pallet and he passed out....for about 30 minutes. He rarely falls asleep anywhere except his crib or car seat soaked this up.
Sleepy eyes
Porter and his Tyta. We love her so much.
Being cute
BB after her volleyball game
Another date night without a broken foot!
He's going to hate me for this one day
The terrible twos started way early for us.
Sometimes he wants to wear them, sometimes he wants nothing to do with them. On the way to Jelly Stone, he wanted to wear them.
Love watching these two
First time out
Fun at Lucy's first birthday
Then on to celebrate Hayden's 4th birthday
Sweet friends. Little did we know these two were soaking up a virus that would rear its ugly head that night.  It was just in time for an upcoming beach trip with friends
Lots of time outs these days
He got over that virus pretty quickly and off to the beach we went with dear friends from OT school!