Saturday, March 7, 2015

Halloween 2014

We were pretty excited about Halloween this year because Porter could actually trick or treat. I have  always loved Halloween. I think of it as such a fun time for make believe for kids. I actually like the spookiness of it too. Weird, coming from someone who won't watch scary movies. I guess it brings out the kid in me :) This year we decided to try out the Belhaven festivities and we did not regret it! They blocked a couple of roads off for it. Most houses that participated dressed up or had a neat little candy set up in the front of their house. They had games for kids, a bounce house, a food truck and a band! It was so fun and perfect for a wild two year old who wanted to run freely in the road the whole night. 

Making our way to the first house
He was a little scared of the witch
at second house he just wanted to "knock knock" on the garage
He was into the mummy though
I couldn't take the cuteness of the way his tail wagged when he ran.
And then we found the fun stuff...
We grabbed a hamburger and fries from the food truck. It was good too!
Then he just explored
He made some his own weird way
We accidentally took some spooky pictures
eyeballing that chocolate
his best scary face :)
Then it started to get dark and he was infatuated with the lights
He kept signing "more" the rest of the night. He was out of control.
and of course he had to do a little pushing
hungry like the wolf
Then, of course, he had a melt down when I refused to give him anymore chocolate.
He bounced right back when he heard the band playing though
All of these pictures turned out so spooky looking!
I spy a little boy up front dancing. He was their number one fan. (one and only at the time)
Chris got some good action shots. Hate there aren't more photos with him.
The boy loves a doggie
After we left Belhaven, we headed to the McDonalds' house to keep the fun going.
The kids went bobbing for apples. It was so cute.
This one confiscated all the apples he could get his hands on and went to town on them.
It was safe to say he had a good chocolate and apple eating Halloween!