Friday, December 19, 2014

Catching up: 14-18 months and Miami

These months flew by so incredibly fast and still are. This child has grown so much before my eyes.  It makes catching up on the blog posts not as overwhelming because I get to reflect. 

Here are some P facts at about 16 months:
  • Weight - 25lbs
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Size 4 shoe
  • 18 month clothes getting to small
  • Breastfeeding in the morning and at night. Drinking thawed breast milk mixed with milk and water during the day. Started throwing almond milk in there shortly after.
  • I stopped pumping at about 14.5 months. By about 18.5 months I had completely stopped breastfeeding. 
  • P started walking good at about 13 months and into EVERYTHING
  • Eating pretty much all table foods. I still mixed veggies in with oatmeal for a while though because he liked it so much. By 18 months he was still eating most everything. Doesn't favor all veggies anymore but will eat them.
  • Using utensils some
  • Loving straw cups
  • Loves to pretend he is on the phone
  • Points to body parts when asked
  • Favorite movie is Despicable Me
  • Loves to aggravate Paisley and calls her sister.
  • The child would not call me Mama until forever. 

This duck was his life long friend for a few months straight. I put it up a few months ago. It never went in the bathtub, oddly enough. I'll probably do that soon.
Who knew a colander could be so fun. His favorite thing to do was empty all of his food from his snack cup into the colander and then eat it.
At the doctor for our second ear infection at 16 months. 
We like to do photo shoots at the Dr. especially the after hours clinic. 
fat, bald baby 
Oh yeah, he liked to use it as a hat too
Fun with Aunt E and BB
I tried to snap a shot any time he picked this push toy up. It was a Christmas present and he literally, to this day, does not play with it. If he does he's usually carrying it around or using it to knock down something.
I remember thinking he looked so big in this outfit walking around everywhere. Not so much anymore  :(
We like to smell flowers. Something his Mrs. Terry taught him early on.
waiting on the water!
over it
I finally let him explore in the front yard a little. It slopes down so we didn't go out there much until he started listening a better.
Celebrating PawPaw's birthday
We aren't twins at all are we?
Nothing like a good moldy bathtub pic. Trust me, I've scrubbed the dickens out of it. Not coming off.
Those leg rolls….
Chris's work had a surprise gathering for him at the Mermaid to celebrate 10 years. 
gooby speeches from these two
 This hug lasted a good 5 minutes.
So I have a huge obsession with cadbury eggs. Leading up to Easter, the Easter bunny aka, Chris, started leaving them around the house for me. It started because if I have a bag, I will eat the whole entire thing in one day. I would get out of the shower and there would be eggs in my my drawer, on my pillow, in my vitamin bottle, etc. and then one night there was this :) I was pretty upset when Easter was over. Oh and there were a couple of times I found the hidden bag, oops. 
Time to strap you down partner
I remember this was about when our going out to eat with this little guy slowed down. He wasn't the sweet little boy that sat quietly at the table anymore.
If you don't think this face is one of the cutest ever, then you need your eyes checked. :)
We surprised Lindsey for her 30th and Jaco's Tacos. Love getting together with my sweet friends.
Bulldog Deli lunch, excuse me…Sweet Peppers. Gosh I sure do miss that place
Fun with Cousin Jacob. 
Loving on Maryn
On the way to Avery's 3rd birthday with his shades on
We had an Easter egg hunt for the kids at Maghen's house. He was a wild man that day. Unbeknownst to me he had an ear infection.
It was fun getting all of them together. Cute bunch huh?
Easter morning at the Banchero's. No cute basket. It wouldn't fit, plus he wouldn't have known the difference.
We had Easter Lunch at Char. It wasn't very relaxing.
I could not get him to sit still long enough for a picture.
We headed over to Bass Pro afterwards to see the Easter bunny. This child oddly REALLY liked him.
Which made for a really good picture.

But then we couldn't get him to leave. It was a pretty funny experience
Picking up pine cones in the yard with Daddy
Discovering his third ear infection. This baby is not typical at all when he has had ear infections. He's not super cranky and generally runs only a low grade fever with them. It is so frustrating because usually by the time we took him in it had spread to both ears. He had two back to back ear infections in May and June. Has not had one since though!
Because putting your leg on the table is soooo funny
First ice cream date at 17 months. I know I'm a nut.

His first splash pad experience. Wow, the things you don't realize until you look back. Mullet central.
He loved it….for about 20 minutes
then it was on to anything and everything else.
my boys
He talked to the people behind him for quite some time, probably ruining their brunch at Broken Egg. Oh well, he was having fun.

So he got Hand Mouth Foot shortly after this splash pad visit, in which I am contributing it to. Of course he HAD to get it just days before I left to go on a girls trip to Miami. I had planned to stop breastfeeding completely when I left so I was already emotional enough without having to leave him so sick. I was excited about going, but I'm not going to lie it was really tough leaving. Hormones, hormones, hormones!

It was like it was meant to be. I brought my last 6 bags of milk I had in from the deep freeze right before I left. I started weening before by nursing him only in the mornings. For those of you who have breast fed for 18 months you know how hard it is to stop. It just becomes such a huge part of your life. I actually ended up nursing for a week after coming home because the milk was still there and I missed him so much. 
Welcome to Miami!!! This was at our hotel, Fontainebleau. Waiting on Shelly and Clair! We sure wished everyone could have made it, but that's just how it is these days. 
I sure had been missing this girl!
We learned to take selfies in Miami. Not really but everywhere you looked someone was taking a selfie. 
Prime 112. So glad we had Clair as our tour guide to show us the best of Miami!
This place is no joke
Yes, we went to da club. I was a bit out of my element considering I have never been to anything like THIS before. We had a great time dancing the night away though. Those who know me know how much I love to dance! Again thank goodness for Clair because everywhere we went, we got VIP service :)
chilling by the pool
View from our room. Not too shabby
We had been waiting for this!
We had a wonderful time, but it was SO good to get home and see this face. 
Brought a little bit of Miami home for him. haha. I know what you are thinking. You can't believe I would bring that nasty thing home, none the less let P play with it. It had a plastic covering on it that I removed. I know, so unlike me.
He had a ball with it
We got to celebrate Brittany's 30th birthday soon after getting back. 
P had fun tearing the house up 
He was/is a wild man. 
I think this was the first night he ever stayed up until 10 o'clock. He fell asleep in the car on the way home. We brought him in and he laid on Chris for a little while. Sweetness.
But then started to wake up. Chris then thought it was a good idea to feed him Ben and Jerry's. 
by that point he was wired and we took a bunch of selfies.
These pictures make me laugh.
Nothing like a good bed head
Let me out of this house! Y'all the mosquitos in this backyard are OUT OF CONTROL.
Mother's Day…and I got to wake up to this :)
An ode to my sweet momma
Our friends, the Garner's, had us over for a Mother's Day crawfish boil and P got to experience some fishing fun.
and then he wouldn't leave the ice chest. 
Slip and slide fun. He wasn't quite sure about it
We tried to make him
But he just wanted to watch
The big boys
It was a good Mothers day.
Pants on his head
I finally got to meet this little guy. Austin Ellis Davis. He is an angel!
Kristen kept P for me so I could get some good loving on Austin. 
Tate introduced Porter to a baseball cap

and just to give you a good laugh…..
Lots more catching up to do!