Friday, July 19, 2013

Where did the 8 months go?!

Porter is 8 months old!

 This was the first picture attempt.  I took atleast 5. Then I went to update the blog and realized the situation. Y'all my head doesn't work right these days.
So hard to get him to sit still for a picture.

8 month facts:
  • Wears 6-9 month, 9 month clothes.
  • Size 3 diapers
  • Size 1 shoes
  • Teething like a maniac
  • Did away with the paci about a week ago. He hasn't acted like he has missed it at all.
  • Eating about 4 oz of homemade baby food 3x a day. Breakfast around 8am - fruit and oatmeal, lunch between 11-11:30am- veggie, dinner around 6:30 - veggie.  Takes 6oz with each of those meals - either nurses or a pumped bottle.  Likes every food that I have given him now, except bananas. I have tried several times and he gags.
  • Started the sippy cup at 8 months. I gave him water in it the first time and he basically just chewed on it. I finally put breast milk in it and he drank half then started to play with it. 
  • Started eating puffs. Has them for a snack around 3pm with a pumped bottle. Trying to start using the sippy cup for snack time.
  • Still going down between 7 and 8pm and waking between 6:30 to 7:30am
  • 2 naps a day. Range from 45 minutes to 2 hours. Most of the time they are two hours.
  • Sleeps in the fetal position. Love seeing that little booty up in the air
  • Says "baba", "mama" and "'dada" now along with some gibberish. Started doing the the horse sound, I guess you would call it, with his lips. Does it all the time.
  • Started going from his tummy to the sitting position at 8 months and a few days. 
  • Started crawling at 8 months and 5 days old, not zooming yet. Was commando crawling for a week before that.
  • Pulling up on things. Mostly just in his crib. 
  • Cries when I leave the room. Mostly just when he is tired.
  • Had his first daddy/son only night a few days ago : ) They had a good time.

 In action
 chunky monkey
Love those early morning puffy eyes
No bananas for me
 It was a rainy day....why not. 
 He LOVES this MAM teething ring
 Porch time
 Just watching a little golf
 Farmer's Market
Love this kid more than words
Glued to the State game. So proud of our dawgs for making it to the CWS.
 Daddy lovin' before we were off to Atlanta the next day to visit Meme and Poppy. Chris had to go get the store ready for  Mugshots Mobile grand opening. What better time to go spend some time with the fam! However; I was extremely nervous about making a 7 hour trip alone with a baby and a dog.
After having to stop and get my tires checked because of a slow leak (even though Chris checked everything the night before) and being rear ended on the interstate in bumper to bumper traffic, we finally made it to Atlanta! Long day for this little guy. So blessed we were safe!!
Meme loves a good sink bath. She thinks it's the only way to go.
P wasn't real sure about it though
 These cups are his favorite toys. They stack and he loves all of them.
All clean
 Just doing a little driving
Uncle Larkin getting his P time in
 Melts my heart
Strolling with Poppy
Meme sure is funny
 10 days too long of not seeing this guy. Thank goodness for technology.
 Whipping me into shape #brothersistertime
Happy 4th of July! It rained allllll day and the day after that...and so on
We had at least one sunny day
Just a playin'
 okay mom enough with the pictures
 Head back to MS with my babies in tow
Just taking a bath, eatin' my boat. Mint is in, right? : )
 We had a wonderful visit with Nana and Mike Mike a few days after getting back from Atlanta. She kept singing to P, "I've been working on the railroad.  Every time she did he started to "aahhhhh". It was so cute.
Turned around for literally 5 seconds
Teething central
Sippin' on a sippy
 Cute doesn't begin to describe it....