Thursday, October 24, 2013

11 months and NOT counting

P is 11 months old and I am loving that snaggle tooth smile

11 month facts :
  • Wears 12 month clothes and some 12-18 months.
  • Size 3 diapers 
  • Size 3 shoe
  • Nurses and take 6 oz bottles 4x daily. Has still only had breast milk as beverages go. Just doing one sippy cup a day now with his snack. He only does this on the days I am not home with him. I nurse him when I am here so it has been hard to transition him fully to the sippy. I imagine we will still be using bottles a little after a year but we will see how that goes.
  • Has been a good, little eater so far. We are on an eggplant kick right now, along with peas, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, blueberries, etc. Avocado is one of our staple foods. Newest food he has been eating and liked are raspberries, cottage cheese, and strawberries. He has eats chicken, but no other meats yet. He's had mostly every fruit now. I have been really slow with this eating thing. I guess it's all going a little to fast for me.
  • 3 top teeth, still two on bottom. His right lateral incisor is on its way
  • Still going down between 7 and 8pm and waking between 7-8am. 
  • Still two naps a day. He likes to sleep, but does pretty good if he misses one.
  • Has been chunking up quite a bit lately and is BALL of energy
  • Loves to its just a full out rocking and bouncing. Looove this. Chris and I have both always loved music so it's fun to see him enjoy it too.
  • Has a couple of gibberish words he repeats, and then the random gibberish. 
  • Terry is trying to teach him sign language. She has started with "eat". She says he has done it for her a couple of times, but we have yet to see.
  • Cruising along furniture and standing for about 5 seconds or more at a time. He has stood and stooped down to pick objects up independently a few times.
  • Doesn't like to be held as much anymore. Makes me sad.
  • Happy baby. Brings an unbelievable amount of joy to our hearts.

It was brought to my attention by our cute little tech at work, Haley, that the last bullet looks a little like my documentation. Too funny. It's so true, though, how life is a full circle.
I was literally exhausted after taking this picture. He crawled off EVERY SINGLE TIME. This is probably take number 25.
Early this month we had a visit from Meme and Poppy. 
Good teef shot
Block building with Daddy
A little brother-sister facetime. This kid stays so busy. Miss him.
Brent's with Meme
Cheesin' it with Aunty E
Fun with BB
Snuggle time and pics for Chris while he is out of town
Sweet face
I finally gave in...magazine madness
Needless to say, he was thrilled
Yes I still use a seat to contain this boy. Just makes it easier.
More selfies for Daddy while he's gone. He was gone waaay too much this month.
This basket is like his forbidden pleasure. 
Determined little thing, I must say. Funny part of it is, he was laughing the entire time. Long enough for me to get the camera and snap this shot.
We go in the living room sometimes....
P and that remote have a special relationship. It is, by far, his favorite thing in the house.
Teething monster
Sometimes he just crawls around with stuff in his mouth like a dog.
Sweet pictures from Terry throughout the day
Sweet baby loves our runs
Watching the tube
I have been giving in a lot lately. If I would have known how much it would let me get accomplished, I would have done it a long time ago.
something was funny, that's for sure
There's that remote again
This was right before he whacked his head harder than ever. It was on the bottom of the painting, believe it or not. Awful. He had a bruise on his head. Not the first time and won't be the last, I guess
First thing Chris does when he gets home. Time with his Port. 
Walking around the forrest of a back yard we have here with my favorite little guy.
One of my best friends little boy, Miller, loves his big spoon. One more thing to keep P distracted while in the kitchen. Of course he loved it. Thanks for the idea Shelly. Note the bruise on his head from his battle with the art.
As soon has the weather started getting nice, we wanted something other than the stroller for outside. I sent Chris out to get a wagon and he came home with one and baseball : ) His words were, "you can never start to early". 

Checking out his new ride and ball
Clearly, he loves it and we LOVE the shirt Aunt Martha!!!
Sweet Paisley is so good with Porter tugging at her all of the time
Then we decided to ride big boy style

Okay sooo, I have been a runner for about 6-7 years now. I started my first year of OT school thanks to my two classmates, bffs and workout partners Erin and Stefanie. I have had such a hard time getting back into it consistently since I had P. I was doing good before we moved, but moving threw me all out of whack. I haven't mentioned it on the blog yet because I've felt like I would be held accountable, but it is time people. I miss it. I miss the way it makes me feel. Don't get me wrong, I don't get excited to go run or anything. It's a love/hate relationship type thing. I have started back consistently in the last few weeks and feeling more like myself again. It has just become part of my life so I was feeling a little lost without it.

This is how I've been feeling after runs in the nasty humid weather. At least somebody enjoys it.
Sweet, sweet bedtime love. One of my favorite parts of the day, but also when I am the most tired. I'm not going to lie, there are times I don't feel like reading to P. There have been several times that I haven't, but it makes me feel bad for some reason. 
It's so worth it when I see him light up in sight of "The Going to Bed Book"
Chris calls it his Mississippy cup
 Keifers with my boys. Soaking up the time with Chris before he left us again.
 He wanted to know how much we spent
I know this looks like the same exact picture 5 times, but they all look different to me : )
First taste of hummus and saving some for later
Playing with his baseball from Daddy
He gets a kick out of the mirror
Awesome weather. Happy baby
He gets into everything with his walker. The worst is when he zooms full throttle into my ankles in the kitchen.
Giving a thumbs up to sweet friends Erin and Avery for the opening of their very own Fleet Feet in Montgomery, Alabama. We sure do wish they still lived here, but happy their dream is finally coming a reality!
Photo shoot time
Hey mom
Checking out a little pine straw 
We went to the fair the day P turned 11 months old. I haven't been to the fair since high school. The memories were much cooler. We did have fun though.
P got a kick out of the animals, but I think Chris got a bigger one. He had to feed almost every animal.  The baby goats were the CUTEST.
We went to Que Sera Sera after the fair for the first time. It wasn't what we expected. I guess we should have asked around first? They did have some cool Halloween decor though. It's getting oohh so close. Yep, this girl loves some Halloween.
We had a great visit from Nana (we might be changing her name) and Aunty Abby. Boy, have we missed them!
P was enthralled with Abby's braces

I can't believe the next time I blog my child will be a 1 year old. Where has the time gone? I want my itty bitty baby back!!!